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How To Use LinkedIn For Your International Business Online Marketing

Advertising has always been one of the most important practices for any business entrepreneur. With the coming of the Internet age, online marketing has become one of the most important ways for you to reach out to your consumers. There are countless ways to do this, whether by taking matters into your own hands or resorting to paid contractors for freelance work. This article will teach you a solution that will cost you nothing and you can do it yourself, at your leisure. Here you will learn how to use LinkedIn for your International business online advertising.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is very easy. Simply go to the main website and choose to register a new account. You will be asked quit a few personal and professional questions – LinkedIn is, after all, a social networking community built for professionals and business owners. Many people register on this website in order to build an online resume, however it’s easy to move beyond this and use LinkedIn as a full blown marketing tool.

Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing you need to get in a very good shape. If you want to be noticed, you need to be creative and proactive. If you have a portfolio to share, this would be a very good way to present your work. Do not hesitate to share any relevant PowerPoint or Google Docs presentations about your business, you can easily post these on your profile. You might then be interested in sharing your reading lists as well, if you consider these to be relevant for your online persona. Next, you can create LinkedIn Polls, which are a powerful online market research tool which enables you to gather data about the preferences of your LinkedIn connections and other users. Finally, you might be interested in requesting recommendations from your connections. These will allow you to boast your past experience and fields of expertise.

Your LinkedIn profile also offers three powerful features for offering feedback and information to those interested. The first of these is status updates: by creating them, you can keep people in the know about what’s happening to you. Changing these often will also show that you’re active within your community, which is always a plus in the professional world. Second, you can post details about any events you will participate in or organize yourself, in order to popularize them and promote the interest of your connections. Third, if you also use Twitter, you can connect your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account and have all your tweets displayed on your profile.

Last but not least, LinkedIn also offers a list of features for business-oriented individuals. You can choose to become a Recognized Expert in your field by answering questions and taking part in relevant group discussions. If you’re a salesperson, LinkedIn allows you to do “warm calling”, that is, you can get in touch with prospective new clients who may be interested in your expertise. You will usually have one or two contacts in common with many people looking for your services. In this case, LinkedIn allows your contacts to introduce you to new people.

In conclusion, whatever your expertise, LinkedIn offers a powerful list of features that would interest any business user and entrepreneur. You now know how to use LinkedIn for your International business online marketing purposes and I would advise you to give it a go as soon as possible.