About Me

As you may already know, my name is Youssef. I work as an International SEO Consultant, I was born in Morocco but now live in Alicante, Spain.

A proud father of a beautiful daughter. What I enjoy most is being with my family, I travel when I have the opportunity and I appreciate the good food but especially the Moroccan one.

I try very hard to find the time so I can read at least one book per week.

My short story with SEO

I started to learn HTML and CSS in 2010, when I knew a little bit more about SEO and online marketing, it was love at first sight.

Since then, I have worked for several online marketing agencies and had different kind of clients as a freelance: furniture, electronics, clothing, software, financial lending institutions, universties, large manufacturers, health and fitness sites and everything in-between.

Today I am still working for clients but also have my own projects..

I have twitter, facebook and so on, but my favorite to keep in touch is LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me.