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9 Tips To Call The Attention Of Your User In a Post

With scores of content sources online, internet users many options with regard to choosing what to read or not. Presenting a compelling post is more of a necessity than need. As such, content should be as compelling as to retain the interests of the reader from the very beginning.

Users spend at most 10 seconds to analyze a post outlay before they decide to read on. Of these, 80% judge a post based on its title. Few will proceed to read on if the title and lead paragraph aren’t compelling. Do you lose your readers just a few minutes of visiting your posts? Here is a list of 9 tips to call the attention of your user in a Post.

Create compelling Titles.

Creative and catchy titles attract attention. Good titles should appeal to emotions, and hint on solutions. They should provoke desire as well.

Write great but concise lead paragraphs
Retain users attention by writing short, concise sentences. Give hints about the contents of the rest of the body. Couple this with interesting facts on the topic in reference. Essentially, urge them to read on.

Write creative and helpful article body.
You wouldn’t want to lose your reader at this crucial point, would you? Present facts in concise paragraphs. The post content should be insightful, well researched and free of ambiguity. The content should closely relate to title and lead paragraph.

Lay out your post in an easy to Scheme Presentation
Content readers scheme through posts seeking for hints of interesting parts. Set in your post in an easy to scheme layout, incorporating interesting and eye catching parts. Use paragraphs, headings and sub headings.

Employ an Interesting Style of Presentation.
Probably, your readers have seen juicy presentations elsewhere. Why should they stick to your plain and boring post when they have a choice? Use language styles such as connectors and anecdotes on the topic of interest. Create continuity in flow through sentences and paragraphs with the necessary connectors.

Separate Your Ideas in Paragraphs
Present each idea in its own paragraph. Where necessary, link ideas in different paragraphs by creating a point of reference.You could, for instance, refer to previously presented idea, then go on to show a link to the current one.

Keep you Article in proportion.
Some readers seek for specific information, others for broader facts. The title as well as the target group should be the determinant on the length of a post. Unless you are writing to target group that requires delving deep into topics, keep posts below a given word limit. Your post should not be too short either.

Target a particular Group.
Its no brainer that different groups will have variations when it comes to seeking information. At the onset, optimize your article to a specific target group. For example, writing for a teen group will differ in tone and style to that of presenting to a parenting group.

Conclude your Post
The end is just as important as the beginning. As a matter of fact, the conclusion makes or kills the trust gained. It’s within the final part that a reader is compelled to take a specific action. As you sign off in your post, provoke your readers to either visit again, post a comment or order a product. A compelling article is that which keeps your readers glued to their screen, time and again.