Arabic SEO Consultant

Hey, I’m Youssef Ettobi, an Arabic SEO Consultant that helps brands grow their traffic & revenue in the Middle Eastern & North African markets.

Arabic SEO Services


SEO Audit

 I analyze your website with technical SEO Audit so that it meets Google’s requirements.


SEO Strategy

I develop and execute the right Arabic SEO strategy for your website based on the audit, keyword research, competitors, etc.


Technical SEO

Optimization of your website. OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO, as well as improving the website speed. 

arabic seo services

Over 11 Years of SEO Experience

SEO is my passion and when you work with passion the results come by themselves. I am also passionate about languages, I speak Arabic, Spanish, English & French.

As a freelance I have helped multiple companies from different sectors and sizes to internationalize their digital marketing campaigns in the Arabic countries.

I have also worked as SEO Manager in different digital marketing agencies in Spain, leading the internationalization of their clients.

International SEO Strategy


A SEO audit is a report used to determine the keyword positions and traffic of a website in search engines as part of SEO consulting.

SEO is essential for all businesses because organic traffic represents more than 80% of the clicks in search engines while paid traffic despite its growth represents less than 20% of clicks.

The results of the audit can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It is thus to determine the elements blocking your growth.


The Technical SEO audit represents all the technical elements that allow search engines to access the content of your site. The objective is to better understand the elements that are not working and fix them.

It concerns a set of topics such as the correct indexing of your pages, the crawl of search engines, the page speed, your Sitemap, Robots.txt, 404 errors, duplicate content, etc.

The technical aspect is one of the priorities in the SEO Audit because it determines if the content is indexed by the search engines. You can have the most beautiful site in the world but if it is not indexed correctly nobody will see it!

After a professional SEO Audit we need to:

    • Develop a correct multi-language structure of your website: the architecture of the different versions of your website does not need to compete with each other, each one need to be designed for a specific language or market.
    • Correct indexing of content in different languages: check that the personalization by language does not affect indexability or cause duplicate content.
    • Taking advantage of geolocation factors: the extension of the country-code domain gives greater trust to your brand.


This part is after the optimization of the site. It is about analyzing and finding which keywords in Arabic that users use to search for your services and/or products and being able to work on them to position ourselves with those words, many of them will be long-tail keywords.

In this way, we manage to attract high quality traffic from Google.


The OnPage SEO controls all the most important aspects within our website. Factors such as information architecture, meta-tag optimization, internal linking, are analyzed in detail here. Undoubtedly, a fundamental part of any project and on which an SEO Consultancy should focus in the first place.


SEO is not only about the website optimization. Popularity and notoriety are the biggest factor in SEO. The more you are known the more Google will rank you better.

During the creation of your site, maybe other sites can naturally talk about you and link your website, this is called a backlink or external link. Developing more external links will help you get ranked much faster but some links can have negative effect in your SEO.

I accompany you in the acquisition of high quality links that can improve your rankings and removing those who are not.