Arabic SEO Consultant

My name is Youssef Ettobi, an Arabic SEO/SEM Consultant with 9+ years of experience in international SEO, worked with more than 15 international firms and brands across from Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East & North Africa.

I have worked in several digital marketing agencies and as a freelance helping clients to increase visitors from the Middle East & North Africa. You can check my experience in my LinkedIn profile.

So… how can I help you?

I can help you achieve success in the arabic market with an all-in-one online marketing strategy for the Arab Market, from keyword research to content marketing. Not all clients have the same needs, so we can develop a online marketing plan for your company and make the best work to achieve the best ROI.


  • Keyword Research: everything start with an arabic keyword research. Even if almost all the arabic population read and write in Classical Arabic, they do not search in the same way. Each country may have dialect variation when comes to search.
  • Content Marketing: Without good content, you’re throwing all the tactics and the traffic generated against the wall. We can generate an arabic content marketing strategy and optimize it for SEO and for the users/clients.
  • SEO On-page:  write good titles, meta-descriptions, remove duplicate contents, generate internal links, images, semantics & website architecture.
  • Link Building: even the most well optimized website need backlinks to boost their rankings, I can generate high quality backlinks from arabic websites related to your niche.

ARABIC PPC/SEM SERVICES (Google Adwords, Youtube & Facebook Ads)

  • Research: selecet the best arabic keywords opportunities for efficiency and performance with a competitive research & Analysis.
  • Design: landing-page design, testing & optimization.
  • Campaign: Campaign & Ad Group Setup. I create campaigns that are cost-effective and provide positive ROI for my clients.
  • Management: pay per click keyword bid management for the best ROI results.

Here are some of my clients

If you are interested in my services or have any special request, feel free to tell me more about your project contacting me.