Tips for Marketing Online to an International Audience

Marketing is one of the important function of every firm. If you fail to market your products in the right manner, and fail to reach customers, the business will fail. While marketing the product, there is a very important decision that you have to make, who are the target customers? You can target local or international customers. If you are running an international business, the following are tips to on how to optimize online marketing to an international audience.

Optimize your website.

Your website is the first portal for your online communication with your customers. Your website will talk much about you and what you are offering. Always optimize your website to allow flexibility for your global visitors. When developing a global friendly website, consider.

Colors and symbols.

Use of text.

Loading speed. And;

Currency conversion.

Customize search engine marketing.

International search engine marketing involves choosing the right search engines, understanding keywords and localizing content.

Choose the right search engine- always choose search engines that are used by the potential customers you are targeting. Though you can reach many English speaking customers by advertising on the top 3 search engines (google, yahoo and bing), search engines used will vary from one country to other.

In addition, local markets will be best served by local search engines, these three search engines may not always suffice for niche or local content.

Localize your content. Keywords are not just words, they are shortened thoughts used by browsers to search for certain content, and thus keywords are influenced by people culture which is well navigated by locals. It is not enough to just translate the content on your website into target language. Always work with native speakers who are trained in online marketing to figure out the best keywords that are best associated with what you are offering.

If possible, localize your products and services.

Understand regional laws.

Every region has its unique laws, and not all online marketing strategies are accepted at every corner of globe. For example, social media such as Facebook and twitter are very powerful marketing tools. But they are not accepted in some countries such as North Korea, Iran and china, thus you will have to adapt other strategies.

Begin with cross-cultural competency.

Start with your website being translated into other language. Translating your website into different language has huge advantage to an international audience.

Understanding the cultural barriers between you and competitors is the best way you can improve cross cultural competency. International marketing is complex, you need to adapt online strategies that are acceptable internationally. But you also need to focus on a particular region.

SEO Best Practices for Multilingual Sites

Having understood Multilingual SEO best practices for your own business practices, it is inevitable that more and more people are entering this field. Earlier, you would hardly find a website or two which gave preference to other languages, but today you can find multilingual sites by the hundreds. Obviously, people globally are interested in business practices which can help in increasing their revenues and making their enterprise known globally. However, with so many multilingual sites out there, it is of critical importance that you optimize your site for the search engines if you really want it to be of some real use to your company.

Local searches
The most primary concern when it comes to SEO is that people often tend to forget or even sideline the importance of a local search engine. While it is very good to have a website that ranks high up with big names like Google and Bing, it is important that your site is optimized for local search engines as well because that is the first tool that the general people will resort to.

Lost in Translation
Multilingual web designing has many crucial nuances associated with itself. You cannot create a site and just copy paste it on Google translate and expect it to do the needful. The term €lost in translation’ is often associated with multilingual website development because more often than not people tend to forget the fact that translation between two languages will always room for inaccuracy. The only way to deal with it is to ensure that what is being translated conveys the exact same meaning as what you wish to. Any mistake on this front can be detrimental to your website’s state of search engine ranking.

Design and context
There are many cultural contexts to any given language. What may be a common term in the english language, could possibly have a very different meaning in another. This is why you must understand the context of the words and images while treading the path of multilingual web design. The safest way to do it is to go the way trod most and pick basic themes. Go for neutral colors like beige, brown, white or blue to avoid any conflict of depiction and interests. These colors have a more soothing effect on the viewer because it does not have any additional interpretation associated with it.

Market trends and behaviors
Market trends and behaviors are largely centralized to location. This means if something is popular in Los Angeles, it may or may not be popular in London. However, the mentality of London buyers would be slightly similar to those of Leicestershire and those of Los Angeles will be similar to the New Yorkers’.

Some Interesting And Easy Multilingual SEO Tips

Many different factors contribute to the perfect transition into new market, be it online or on the ground. Most importantly a company’s ability to adapt to the culture, geography, culture, language and behavior of consumer, all these factors influence whether they will have a strong foothold over the market. Here are some of the best multilingual SEO tips to help you flourish in international market.

Optimize the website for UTF 8 characters

Each and every company has their localization issue. So, you need to make sure your characters are picked up easily from various locations. Simply picking up phrases and putting it into Google translator is not enough. You must remember that translation is different from localization. Localization means changing the company’s message and grammar. So, you really need to careful. Discrepancy in recognition of characters or misused words in the title is some of the examples which you really need to avoid. These are few of the factors that can affect your SEO ranking in target markets.

Simply Google Optimization is not enough

If you are planning to rank your German site in Germany, you need to make sure you are tracking the right search engine. To put it in simple words, you must find out who the big players are and optimize for them. It is recommended that you think out of the common search engines and optimize the site fro a broader search engine. It is one of the biggest multilingual SEO tips which you must follow. Failing to do it might cost you in maximizing the visibility.

Make sure the language page URL is unique

The language selector must not set a cookie to select the right content. For instance, if your actual URL is, it should not be the same in German. This will never appear in the target language search engine. In fact, the cookie also should not direct it to the German page.

Learn to run PPC in target language

Running PPC in locale or the target language is a good way to test the market. In fact, it saves the cost of translating the entire site. PPC even generates good statistic on search volume and will drive traffic into the website without getting it listed.

Use local IP address and domain name only if required

This is another crucial step which you must consider carefully. You must only use the local domain name and local IP address only if you think it is needed. Use it only if you feel it is required, else you can use the webmaster tool to specify location. First perform good SEO localization and then take the next big step.

These are only a few, but most important multilingual SEO tips which you need to follow to have an edge over your competition.

Content Marketing Tips For Universities Websites

Colleges are increasingly becoming crazy about marketing. With spiraling number of universities, there is need for them to compete in attracting the largest number of students and to grow their popularity. All universities are motivated by the following goals: attracting high quality students, encouraging their alumni to make donations towards university projects, recruiting the best staff and faculty and to build universities’ brand, reputation and recognition. For a university to stand up from its several competitors, it is critical for it to place much focus on content marketing through both digital and traditional strategies. The following are the most reliable content marketing tips for universities websites.

Student friendly content

Universities are considered hub of social activities and in the modern digital world, colleges are becoming more social and there is need for universities to create an environment of social engagement between universities and students before the students apply for admission. Through content marketing, prospective students will develop interest about the universities especially in this era where students rely mostly on social web. It is critical for universities to build custom content hub and to create mobile apps in order to increase their applications and build their brand cache. In order for universities to convert students, they should tailor their content marketing to match the needs to target audience.

Content optimization

To reach wider audience, universities should optimize their web content in order to increase the likelihood of their content appearing on Google searches. Universities should make use of mobile rich applications and other resources that include videos, rankings, faculty applications and articles. Personal recommendations are also essential to the marketing campaign of universities. Mobile apps for universities provides students with detailed calendar of events, news, remote library access, informational YouTube videos and interactive applications checklists for prospective students and breaking news. This will drive many students to the site.

Using utility and interactive content

This can be achieved through student experience pages such as Pinterest, This can be an essential tool for highlighting university culture and opportunities for students. Using utility sites like Flickr stream that is often filled with photographs for students, alumni and staff in a lot of university experience. Universities should build a sleek website with visually arresting sites and enriching pictures for the social and academic life of the university as well as wine tastings, commencement celebrations, volunteer events and campus tours. By providing relevant content that is informative and entertaining, universities will be in position of getting the right kind of engagement and attracting the right type of audience.

9 Useful Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Buisness

Online marketing is a wonderful way to boost sales by promoting your brand image before the global audience. Marketing through internet is gaining popularity with each passing day. Advertising through search engines is so subtle that users sometimes fail to realize that they are exposed to the advertisements. Your official website is the first impression of your business. You are sure to reap benefits if your website is useful and easy to navigate. Given here are the 9 marketing tips to boost your business.

Your Website Should be Content-oriented:

As your basic purpose is to educate a large number of audience about your products or services, make sure to have a content oriented website. Refrain yourself from providing useless data and bland descriptions of your brand. If you want to catapult your brand on the top ranks of search engines, your website needs to have a great content. This is a sure-shot way to inform and impress a large number of customers from all across the world.

Incorporate A Web Page For Frequently Asked Questions:

Create a section for FAQ where the queries of your customers can be satisfied. By doing so you can make your website more user-friendly and your customers will start trusting you.

Link-building is Important:

You should be open to the idea of allowing other business owners to link their websites to yours. Linking with other similar business websites will bring you traffic from their websites as well and you would have business gains.

Make Use of Social Media Platforms:

This important to make a strong presence of your business online because this is a way to maintain the daily presence of your brand image in the minds of customers. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter gives you better and more prospective customers from all across the world.

Blogging Helps in Bringing Targeted Traffic:

Blogging is a great way to grow your site. By blogging on a regular basis will keep your customers informed. Focus the posts on your blogs around the cows that relate to your brand. Do this correctly to bring targeted traffic.

Using Internet Links Will Lower the Bounce Rate:

If you want the visitors to stay for a long time on your website and browse then you should make use of internal links in your blog posts. This is the best way to retain the readers and get better ranks in search engines.

Security of Your Website is Important:

Make sure to have your website secure. Your website should have a privacy policy page. Link that page to all the pages of your website to make customers believe that you protect their identities.

Make Multiple Accounts of Your Domain:

As e-mail is an important marketing tool. Contact your hosting company to make multiple accounts of your domain. This will give an edge.

Use Signature On All e-mails You Send:

Your e-mails are just like your virtual business cards. Make sure that every e-mail that you send should have your signature. Providing a link to your business in your e-mails will help get you a better exposure.

The above enumerated 9 marketing tips to boost your business will give your business an edge and will get you more potential clients from all across the globe.

Top International SEO Practices

Given that you want your site to be as accessible as possible to search engines, taking an international SEO view will be beneficial to you and your business as you will be competing on a global platform. However, the process is not as easy as creating a website, including country subsections, optimizing it and then sitting back and hoping for the best. If an international business is not knowledgeable of particular pitfalls and search engine rules, then they will struggle to get the desired traffic and risk showing the wrong content to the wrong visitors, thereby delivering a frustrating user experience. To help you out however, let us have a look at some of the top international SEO best practices. And while the advice in this article is optimized for Google, you should bear in mind that Google is not the top ranking search engine in all the countries worldwide. For example, it ranks 4th in china. Therefore while the recommendations are best, you will have to consider some local options too.

Technical SEO

It might not be enough to simply choose keywords for each country and language and optimize them through copy. Some technical considerations should be made and should be factored into the SEO plans so that Google is aware that your site targets more than one country. This is important for duplicate content. However, aside from duplicate content, SEO is important because of industry compliance.

Site layout and setup

If you are going o be building your international site from scratch, you have one of the best opportunities to consider some of the ways in which you can structure your site to improve its appearance in the search engines. To do this, there are three things that you could do. First you could separate ccTLDs, sub domains on a gTLD and subfolders on a gTLD. Each has its pros and cons. For a site that is already established, it may prove very expensive to make major changes to the structure of the URL. However, it is helpful to be aware of the pros and cons of your situation.

Link Building

While technical/onsite consideration will for the most part lay the foundation for a successful international SEO, offsite SEO can improve your results even more. For example, if you are trying to get a top rank on Google France, obtaining links from sites in France will have a very positive impact to your ranking as it reassures Google on your suitability for the French. You should factor in this into the digital marketing with emphasis on particular countries rather than getting links from anywhere.

These are the top tips for businesses that are considering international SEO for their site.

How To Improve Your Website Performance

Online businesses have become the order of the day nowadays. There is plenty of money on the internet and everyone wants to exploit it. In order to make this money, a website or a blog is very important. However, there is more to it than just having a website. If people do not know of the existence of your website then there is most definitely not going to be any money heading your way. In order for your business to be successful a lot of popularization has to be done. There are several ways how to improve your website performance. All of them are about driving traffic to your website.

First of all, for your website to perform very well it must be easy to find. This means that if a potential client runs a search on any search engine such as Google or Bing then they should be in a position to find your site or blog on the top pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) is responsible for this phenomenon where some websites are at the top of the search engine result pages. This ranking depends heavily on the number of visitors that you receive at your site.

One way to increase the traffic to your website or blog is to do lots of internet advertising. Search engines are not the only option people use to find sites. When you advertise on a related website or other public domains you will be able to create several links to your website on other sites. Interested visitors will thus click on the link and check out your website.

Social media is more than just entertainment. There are several things that you can do with your social media account other than chatting with friends. Through the social media you can advertise heavily. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social sites can be great avenues for promoting your website and creating links to it.

Advertising will not really help if you do not conform to the numerous SEO principles. There are some minor things such as webpage loading time that can put a huge dent to your SEO ranking. Remember you want to be at the top of a search engine results page. Therefore, you must stay afloat with the latest changes in the world of SEO. There are experts who are willing to provide you with these and more services to ensure that you website is a top performer. Having a nice and simple-to-navigate website also helps when it comes to performance. Your visitors are able to find whatever it is they are looking for easily.

A Guide to Choosing the Best International Online Marketing Agency

The internet has become a key component of the business and marketing strategies of most companies. Through international online marketing, it is possible to reach customers from all over the world. It also becomes easier to target international audiences that it was in the past. However, international marketing via the internet can be quite tricky. This often spurs companies to hire online marketing agencies. Here is a guide on how to choose the best international online marketing agency.

International online marketing means the involvement of other languages apart from English. Marketers of the chosen agency should therefore be native- speakers of the target language. By native speaker, what is meant is an individual who has learnt the language while being raised and living in that particular country. For example, if online marketing will be done in Germany, the online marketing agency should have marketers who are native German speakers.

When a company is hiring an international internet marketing agency, it is important to find out how the agency will handle localizations. Once it has been established that the agency has online marketers who are native speakers of the targeted languages, the next step is to find out how they will localize content. Keyword research should be done from scratch as opposed to being translated. Marketers who are native speakers should know the colloquialisms and intricacies of their own country that are specific to its culture.

Failure to carry out proper keyword research and resorting to just translating the keyword can result in the loss of a huge potential market. Additionally, this should not involve keywords only, but also messaging and imagery. A marketing message may work for a certain market, but it may not be appropriate for another. The chosen agency should offer advice and guidance on this.

Finding out how project management and communication with the online marketing agency will be carried is important. The hiring company should be in a position to discuss its requirements with no language barriers. In order to arrange conference calls during office hours, the international agency should have an office in the client’s time zone. Also, the project manager should speak fluent English.

Case studies are also crucial factors to consider. Any international online marketing agency with a good reputation should be in possession of case studies from previous campaigns. In case the prospective agency has no recent case studies, it would not be unreasonable to ask for the contacts of some previous clients as references.

Multilingual SEO Strategies

A web site is set up to be available all around the world. The methods of developing a site to come on top of search results also have to be framed similarly. At the very basic level, this requires URLs to be framed to match geographies, needing them to be flexible so that they can be adapted to the different languages that a site might be catering to. The development of the web site needs to have programmers proficient in the different languages like arabic to get all the aspects right, including the translation of the content.

Multilingual seo requires professionals who are able to provide the local perspective for each of the factors that need to be modified. There is an alternative in the form of automated translation tools but it is always preferable to have the human touch. There are certain search engines which are popular in specific regions and the big three might not be used much in a region. This necessitates coming to grips with the regional language. Having put in all this effort, it is paramount that the keywords are appropriately selected so that the results show up well.

The requirements that follow include the aspect of serving out the appropriate language by picking up the location of the user through the deployment for software. Coming back to the URLs, a country-specific registration will surely add value from the search engine’s point of view. Correspondingly, the site needs to have relationships with other web sites that are registered in the same domain. The design of the site can also be optimized so that users from different locations are directed to the relevant part of the site.

The site construction also needs to focus on all the areas that are checked out by search engines and have them rendered in the specific language for the specific location. In short, it requires some effort to get all the details right so that the web site is able to attract traffic wherever it might be accessed. An experienced team of professionals will be able to get all the detailing right so that the search engines are able to retrieve the language-optimized site without any kind of a spanner in the works. The translated version also needs to be isolated from the original version as the ranking of one can be affected by the other. The search engine will develop doubts about a site that is a hotchpotch.

Top International SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the thing that keeps companies online and relevant. What the internet is about today is getting traffic to your site, getting eyes on your pages. When someone uses a search engine, what makes certain pages come to the top? SEO. If your site is buried on the second page or third page, or even further, then when someone searches for the topic of your site, they aren’t likely to find it. To optimize something means to make it the most it can be, so when you use SEO, you’re making your site the most visible to search engines.

The most important thing to realize about SEO is that its not static. What counted as foolproof ways to get sites to the top of search engines five years ago is no longer relevant today. When you’re wanting to improve your International SEO, you’ve got to look toward some innovative techniques.

Here are 3 Top International SEO Strategies that will immediately help you get your site visible to people across the globe who are already interested in what’s on your site.

Language – When a search engine displays results, one thing that it’s paying close attention to is the language of the website. Rewrite your content and offer versions in the language of every country that you’re targeting. And remember to account for the differences in a single language, like American English versus UK English. These two might be the same language, but phrasing and vocabulary are different enough that it pays to offer a version of your site in each.

Local Engagement – You have to engage in local content if you want to increase your SEO. This includes everything from posting local stories and articles, to registering with local search engines. Customize your content for each market, and use local contact information as much as possible. If you really want to make it work, then customize the layout of your site for each country that you’re targeting, in addition to changing the language. Different areas have a different sense of what’s user friendly, so make the most of it. Don’t forget to update your links to country specific targets.

Metadata – Update your metadata for each country that you’re targeting. Specifically the language and country code, and don’t forget to update the geotargeting for each site (though this last one isn’t really metadata, it’s still incredibly important).

Remember that whatever you would normally do to create Search Engine Optimization is exactly what you need to do for International SEO, you just need to come at it from the perspective of the local population. When you are interested in expanding internationally, think of each country that you expand to as a whole new venture, and create your site specifically for each one.