Techniques To Use For Successful International Online Marketing Strategies

International online marketing has changed in the last few years especially when Google started using Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. With solid international online marketing strategies one can use such updates to their advantage and have their site’s rank rise steadily.

Such strategies can be achieved using various techniques and practices which one needs to understand and use towards online marketing. Such techniques form the foundation of such strategies which can then be tweaked for your particular business to achieve the best results.

One of these strategies is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a strategy used to create a site that will be recognized by search engines as the most relevant site for a particular item. This strategy is based upon the fact that in most instances searchers will click on a site that appears on the first page results of the search engine.

The best SEO strategy is one whereby the particular site uses relevant keywords and provides valuable content to those keywords. The website should also open quickly and have relevant content using both images and literature as well as have backlinks from other respected websites.

Content marketing is also another international online marketing strategy that one should make use of. This means that the site should have quality information to build its brand and instill confidence in the website. Poor quality information will have the reverse effects. This may vary from having statements based on facts to simple things such as good grammar and spelling.

Social media marketing is the latest of the online marketing strategies. It is now the primary way in which online content is shared. It is becoming an important strategy since search engines are now taking into consideration the number of shares such content gets when it ranks the host website. It has also been shown that people take more seriously content shared from people they know. To make the most of this strategy demands that the said website administrator interacts regularly with their fans so as to have the impression of a true community.

Such techniques should then be combined with other practices such as email marketing and use of affiliate, reseller and associate programs. The input from and international online marketing coach could also be very helpful.

When all is said and done, such techniques and practices are the basis of a good international online marketing strategy. However if one does not understand them then they are not really useful. Understand them and learn to use them to build a successful strategy for your business.

Engage Your Leads Using the Best Inbound Marketing Tactics

Subtle and Non-invasive Inbound Marketing Strategies

Designing the best inbound marketing tactics requires a clear grasp of online marketing basics. First, the marketing specialist must understand the significance of the following terms: lead, prospects, and customers.

Prospects are those who had shown some sort of interest on the product or service that you are selling. Customers are those who already purchased the said products and services from your company. With regards to inbound marketing the focus is on leads. A lead is an individual that has been previously identified as the person most likely to buy what you are selling.

It is critical to understand these terms because recent developments in marketing tactics require a subtle and non-invasive approach. Gone are the days of heavy-handed marketing that produces insignificant results.

Inbound Tactics to Engage Leads

You have to engage leads by creating a mechanism that will pique their interest about the products and services that you are selling. In other words, your leads must learn about the things that you are selling without the feeling of being forced to commit to a sale. This goal is achievable if you know how to leverage the power of search engine optimization or SEO, social media and blogging.

Search Engine Optimization

The most important component to your inbound marketing strategy is to be able to utilize SEO tactics. It is based on the idea that the average person uses powerful search engines like Google to find products and services that they need. Many of them use Google to find answers to their questions and Google provides them not only relevant sites to answer their query but in the background also gives them suggestions on products and services that are related to their search query.

Focus each page of your site and landing pages on one specific keyword and then strategically place the keyword in the header tags, the page URL, the page title, etc. In addition, invest in you off-page search engine optimization by creating quality inbound links to your landing pages.

Therefore, there is a practical, subtle, and non-invasive way to engage your leads and increase the number of prospects that will most likely patronize your company.

Social Media

More often than not your leads are spending so much time with social media. Thus, your company must be visible in social media networks. You have to makes sure that a tailor-made content is posted in the targeted social network. Figure out how you can post exclusive content on social media networks.

One of the best ways to create exclusive content is by offering discounts that are only accessible by your social media followers. For example, you can create a discount code that can only be accessed by your Facebook followers. You can also enable your Twitter followers to get a sneak preview of a new product launch. Another way to engage your leads is to sponsor giveaway gifts and prizes. By doing so you make your social media followers feel that they are special and you value their participation in the said social network.


A blog is a means to show your leads that you are a thought leader and that you know what you are talking about when it comes to certain aspects of a particular industry. If you are selling automotive oil lubricants create a blog that talks about Formula One racing and the type of lubricants used in high-performance cars. Using this tactic will draw people and pique their interest about the products and services you are selling.

4 Best Inbound Marketing Tips

Inbound marketing is the technique of using content such as eBooks, videos or blog posts and SEO to attract clients to your site or business. This is becoming the most popular way to reach many people who are looking for the services and products you provide. Just like many other marketing methods you need to use the right strategies in order to attain your goals. Here are the best inbound marketing tips.

Have a strong website design

One of the helpful tips in inbound marketing is having a strong site design that is easy for clients to find and get the information they need. A website that is customer friendly has the ability to bring more clients back. To have a site with a great design, you can make use of tools such as WordPress to create and manage the content.

Do not forget Search engine optimization

Once your site is already established, you must ensure that it is easy for customers to find it. When your website is optimized for search engines, you will have full control of your site ranking making it for potential customers to find your products and services. You can optimize your website through cross linking and making use of keywords. However, even as you optimize your site make sure you have high quality site content.

Site and content promotion

You can build the best site and have the best posts, but if you do not promote them, all your efforts will bear no positive results. Your posts will remain hidden, thus it will be hard to be viewed by clients. Ensure you integrate a link to your site and in your social media profiles. Share your new posts on social media such as twitter, facebook and others. Connect with other players in the industry and find out if your peers will share your blog post with their social networks.

Offer more content

If you want your business to expand, you should also ensure that you offer more content. Find out if you can create short eBooks on what your customers are looking for. Since you will be using content that already exists, you will take a short time to get positive results. This will give your prospect more assurance that you are an expert in your niche. By providing more and more valuable content, your site will get a lot of visitors.

By using the above inbound marketing tips, you can be assured that you will attain your goals more effectively.

How To Improve Your Business Internationally?

Growing a business should not be your only goal, it is a necessity for you business to survive and your business has to be economically well. What you can do to get you business beyond the base sustenance level? The following are ten ways to improve your international business.

1. Innovate your products- discover and promote new uses for your products or services to get new customers and to buy new customers globally.

2. Extend your market reach- There are many ways of growing your business by making you products available to international customers. Open stores in new locations. Open online stores and websites. Make sure you advertise well to approach international customers.

3. Take part in trade shows- Trade shows are good means of growing your business internationally as they draw people who are already interested in the kind of services and products you offer. Take care while selecting the right trade show which will help you in getting the returns on your investment.

4. Products and services diversification- The key to improving your business internationally is by diversification of your products and services through similarity. Focus on the related needs of your already established market with similar needs.

5. Export- Expansion into international market can boost your business bottom line. This requires a lot of time and resources, however it will be very rewarding if you do it the right way.

6. Franchising- Another good ways of expanding you business internationally is by franchising. Develop a system which ensures that others can duplicate your success. Franchising will be the best and fastest way for growing your business.

7. Effective selling- You must learn to sell your products and services effectively and this happens with great sales tools. Your sales have to regionally relevant. Develop your services and products according to the markets.

8. Digital footprint- Digital marketing plays a great deal in promoting your business internationally. You must have a good customer focused website that is easy to navigate, with good and clear contact information.

9. Intensive insight research- You must have a comprehensive picture of the business environment you entering into. This will help you make intelligent decisions. Do intensive insight research to understand your customer pool.

10. Create a unique position- For a sustainable business in international markets acheve standouts in new and competitive markets. Do good research to uncover your major market and it will help you understand your customer needs and cater to their needs accordingly.

These are ten ways to improve your international business. Pick them according to your business and your needs and plan for growing your business internationally.

9 Tips for An International Online Marketing Campaign

In the digital space, regional boundaries do not exist which gives you an excellent opportunity of utilizing a global marketing strategy. Social media sites offer the perfect platform for multilingual marketing. Making use of some great tips will go a long way to attract traffic and convert them to customers.

1. Be competent culture-wise

You probably are conversant with one or two language, but translating your site into a couple other international languages is a big advantage. Incorporate issues related to how cultural norms vary with regions, gender and age groups.

2. Localize your campaigns

You must make it a point to understand your local culture, customer pressing issues and any sensitive issues related to culture. Only when you do this will you be able to translate into another culture without distorting the meaning.

3. Research on local search engines

With multilingual SEO marketing, not every country uses the same search engine, although most of them are based on the Google algorithm. Look at how local search engines work in the countries you are targeting and monitor regularly.

4. Learn to listen more

Thinking of using social media? Then listen more to the conversations that are trending. What are people from different regions talking about? What are they saying about your brand? Based on the information you gather, you can come up with a marketing campaign.

5. Not everyone fits in the same shoe

What works well for your local market may not do the same for another region. Therefore, do not be so quick as to generally judge the efficiency of one strategy. Create a strategy that fits the particular audience you are targeting.

6. Optimize site design for global visitors

The design of your website should be optimized to suit global visits. This can be done by using color and symbols that reflect perceptions of targeted audience. You could also enable currency conversion and text translation.

7. Get to know and obey regional laws

Familiarize yourself with regional laws and regulations related to products, sales and advertising. This will go a long way to prevent any negative publicity of your company. In some regions, you may need to get approval before advertising certain goods.

8. Research right depending on your business objectives

Whatever you hope to achieve with your business will tell what to research. You will need different marketing strategies for lead qualification; sales, branding, etc. this will mean you research internationally for what is applicable in which nation.

9. Know the international audience

You business will start succeeding at the point where you get to know your audience better. You will only connect with potential customers if you know them well. It is obvious that people from different cultures like to do business differently.

Use these tips to leverage the international market.

Which Are The Best Inbound Marketing Tools?

Marketing remains a core factor in business operations. Inbound marketing involves sharing of important information, through offering solutions and prompting prospective buyers to make a purchase. Availability of information sharing platforms has more than tripled inbound marketing. And we all love sharing and socializing? Business are Leveling on prospects of generate sales by investing in appropriate marketing tools. But which are some of the best inbound marketing tools?

An effective inbound marketing strategy will certainly incorporate tools that attracts customers, offers value for their time and most importantly prompts them to take a specific action. These are the five great tools that make inbound marketing a core part of a product marketing;

Blogs offer specific solutions to certain problems. This way, they attract regular internet user and new visitors alike. You can easily use a blog to offer educational materials. This way, you will build a loyal client base. Such clients can easily purchase products that may be offered once they convinced that such a product will offer solutions.

ii) Facebook
Facebook is easily one of the best inbound marketing tools. Other than sharing information, face book has great for businesses
and corporate to create a followership through a business pages. With well over half a billion accounts in their databases, Face book presents a prime chance for generating leads and sales.

iii) Twitter
Twitter is easy to use. In addition to its more than 200 million users world wide, twitter business entities and corporate to run Ad campaigns. Its greatest strength lies in the fact that at least 75% twitter run it on mobiles. Businesses can send many tweets in a single day posting important information while appending links to their websites or product information

iii)Email marketing
Next to social media marketing, email marketing is of vital in inbound marketing. With email support soft wares such as Aweber, customized emails can be sent to a large target group in automated time span. They as well help in building trust by offering helpful tips and solutions in set intervals.

iv) Website
Other than a blog, a website is vital in inbound marketing. Business entities that well structured websites that offers solutions to problems are likely to attract repeat customers. They also build credibility with regular and new visitors alike.

v) Google tools
Certainly, Google is more than just an inbound marketing tool. Through products such as Google analytics, site owners can gain great insights on developing the keywords relevant to search engines. It also helps in analyzing traffic patterns to a specific site which business entities can use to develop a product target to a specific group.

A successful inbound marketing campaign should not only involve attracting a potential customers attention, but it should also retain such customers interests. Marketing tools such as Face book does just that. Constant communication helps to keep the customer informed of new developments and also asses their needs.

The Best Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Succeeding in a real estate business is all about how you promote your business. You cannot solely rely on a few marketing channels to generate traffics of buyers and sellers. So, what are the best the best online marketing strategies for real estate agents?

1. Search Engine Optimization

A website that that has not been properly optimized is not effective in real estate business. Your website must be SEO friendly. This is accomplish by the use specific keywords, quality and relevant content through articles writing. The higher the rank in search engines results the more the traffic directed to your website thus the more leads you get.

2. Email Marketing
Marketing via email is very effective. Keep it short, sweet and objective. Sticking to a regular direct email schedule can help you enhance brand visibility without incurring much expense.

3. Pay-Per-Clicks

Pay per clicks are sponsored links. They can result in ample traffic to your website. Pay per PPC technique includes tracking capabilities for key phrases included in the promotion campaign. This is beneficial as you review the effectiveness of particular keywords for online visibility.

4. LinkedIn

There is no reason why a real estate investor should ignore social media platform promotion anymore, once you begin with LinkedIn you will realize that it may not as strange as you thing but the right choice. If you choose to only concentrate on a single social media platform for maximum return on investment, try LinkedIn.

5. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Nowadays several people are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Potential clients all over the world can be reached within a second with these platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) . Even better, for each individual you contact you will also tap into their friends as well.

6. Banner Advertisement

You have probably noticed advertisement banner about various services and products, buttons, boxes after visiting some various webpages and websites. Perhaps you have even clicked on some of them and instantly taken to the promoter’s website . If so, then you were the agent of traffic to those sites. Advertisement that target particular locality have more chance of generating more traffic to a realtor’s webpages.

The Best Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents is almost endless. It is good to be innovative. However these are the best and most efficient. You can choose one or any combination and be persistent. Always stick within your budget. Many realtors dump hundreds of dollars into strategies that never work.

The Best Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies that are geared towards drawing in consumers to a certain service or product. The major aim of these techniques is to ensure that potential customers can find the service or product easily. The process of the method varies greatly depending on the firm that is doing the marketing. Marketing enterprises need to discover customer needs and delivers the essential services and product; many markets try to provide services and products to the clients. Inbound marketing is dynamic and constantly transforming and developing there is no distinct formula, with the emergence of new marketing trend, there is an inbound strategy for the companies to utilize this niche. Different inbound marketing strategies can be used to drive the business to a success. Once you have developed a certain strategy to implement the method you need to include tactics to make it a success. The best inbound marketing techniques include blogging, webinars, videos, email campaigns and content creation.

Blogging is the most important inbound marketing strategy it gives the client an opportunity to express their feelings about a certain product. There should be a strategy in the blogging process to ensure that the algorithm updates are able to capture all the necessary details. Blogging is one of the most popular ways of spreading the company details and services online, posts usually contains keywords that are essential in search engine optimization or SEO and can be shared among employees’ website hosts and other personnel in the business to ensure that service or product covers the right geographical area.

Video on the other hand is similar to blogging, owner there is addition of visual representations on the blog or website there are searchers who want to hear and at the same time see the images this is when video marketing comes in handy. With videos, the clients can clearly see what you represent and the kind of services or products they expect.

Webinars are another inbound marketing technique; they are used for middle of the funnel prospects or to reinforce a certain message. These are downloadable and in some cases they are live feeds, webinars are educational in nature and are comprehensive giving the client the right information they require to know about a certain product.

Email campaigns are a great way of lead nurturing tactics that helps in directing the messages to the clients via their email addresses. The emails are sent on a regular basis to keep the client updated and inform them on new products or services. Email campaigns are aimed at shortening the sales process.

How To Use LinkedIn For Your International Business Online Marketing

Advertising has always been one of the most important practices for any business entrepreneur. With the coming of the Internet age, online marketing has become one of the most important ways for you to reach out to your consumers. There are countless ways to do this, whether by taking matters into your own hands or resorting to paid contractors for freelance work. This article will teach you a solution that will cost you nothing and you can do it yourself, at your leisure. Here you will learn how to use LinkedIn for your International business online advertising.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is very easy. Simply go to the main website and choose to register a new account. You will be asked quit a few personal and professional questions – LinkedIn is, after all, a social networking community built for professionals and business owners. Many people register on this website in order to build an online resume, however it’s easy to move beyond this and use LinkedIn as a full blown marketing tool.

Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing you need to get in a very good shape. If you want to be noticed, you need to be creative and proactive. If you have a portfolio to share, this would be a very good way to present your work. Do not hesitate to share any relevant PowerPoint or Google Docs presentations about your business, you can easily post these on your profile. You might then be interested in sharing your reading lists as well, if you consider these to be relevant for your online persona. Next, you can create LinkedIn Polls, which are a powerful online market research tool which enables you to gather data about the preferences of your LinkedIn connections and other users. Finally, you might be interested in requesting recommendations from your connections. These will allow you to boast your past experience and fields of expertise.

Your LinkedIn profile also offers three powerful features for offering feedback and information to those interested. The first of these is status updates: by creating them, you can keep people in the know about what’s happening to you. Changing these often will also show that you’re active within your community, which is always a plus in the professional world. Second, you can post details about any events you will participate in or organize yourself, in order to popularize them and promote the interest of your connections. Third, if you also use Twitter, you can connect your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account and have all your tweets displayed on your profile.

Last but not least, LinkedIn also offers a list of features for business-oriented individuals. You can choose to become a Recognized Expert in your field by answering questions and taking part in relevant group discussions. If you’re a salesperson, LinkedIn allows you to do “warm calling”, that is, you can get in touch with prospective new clients who may be interested in your expertise. You will usually have one or two contacts in common with many people looking for your services. In this case, LinkedIn allows your contacts to introduce you to new people.

In conclusion, whatever your expertise, LinkedIn offers a powerful list of features that would interest any business user and entrepreneur. You now know how to use LinkedIn for your International business online marketing purposes and I would advise you to give it a go as soon as possible.

7 Tips On How To Find The Best Online Marketing Agency

Online marketing is the latest trend for businesses that are aggressive in promoting their goods and services. This is due to the fact that it results to international exposure at cost effective rates. It also allows a company to take advantage of the high number of social media users, personalized marketing to specific audiences and the ability to measure results. So how do you find the best online marketing agency for your website? Well, here are some of the most important factors to consider in your search.

The agency website’s rank in search results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect in online marketing. It is for this reason that the best marketing agency should have a website that has a first page rank because it is the only assurance that they can do the same for your website.

Creativity and result oriented

It is no use hiring an online marketing agency that boasts of being the best in web design or social media marketing if it has a website that looks amateurish, or has a handful of likes on its Facebook page. It should be the best in what it claims to offer clients.


While a large online marketing agency could be having the most experienced professionals in the field, you should consider a small firm because its staff members can offer you personalized service and unparalleled customer care. So, don’t be mistaken to assume that the largest online marketing agencies in your town or city are the best.


Your business associates, friends and relatives are good sources of information about reliable online marketing agencies that they have used in the past. It is also advisable to check online marketing agency reviews and forums because this is where hundreds of past clients air their satisfaction or disgust.

Past projects

The best online marketing agencies are those that have a portfolio of satisfied clients. They should allow you to contact some of these clients so that you can get first hand information about the prowess or otherwise of the agencies in question.


Success in online marketing campaign is not achieved in one day but is a process that requires a marketing agency that demonstrates commitment and availability. This means that you should only hire one that you can critically depend on, especially when you are experiencing problems, or want to meet a representative to discuss the way forward.

You get what you pay for

When it comes to finding the best internet marketing firm, make certain that you do not select the cheapest providers. Exceptionally low fees could be tell tale signs that the agency employs prohibited techniques in SEO. If you are later discovered by owners of search engines, you could be penalized or your website ranked so low that, no customer will be able to find it.