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Content Marketing Tips For Universities Websites

Colleges are increasingly becoming crazy about marketing. With spiraling number of universities, there is need for them to compete in attracting the largest number of students and to grow their popularity. All universities are motivated by the following goals: attracting high quality students, encouraging their alumni to make donations towards university projects, recruiting the best staff and faculty and to build universities’ brand, reputation and recognition. For a university to stand up from its several competitors, it is critical for it to place much focus on content marketing through both digital and traditional strategies. The following are the most reliable content marketing tips for universities websites.

Student friendly content

Universities are considered hub of social activities and in the modern digital world, colleges are becoming more social and there is need for universities to create an environment of social engagement between universities and students before the students apply for admission. Through content marketing, prospective students will develop interest about the universities especially in this era where students rely mostly on social web. It is critical for universities to build custom content hub and to create mobile apps in order to increase their applications and build their brand cache. In order for universities to convert students, they should tailor their content marketing to match the needs to target audience.

Content optimization

To reach wider audience, universities should optimize their web content in order to increase the likelihood of their content appearing on Google searches. Universities should make use of mobile rich applications and other resources that include videos, rankings, faculty applications and articles. Personal recommendations are also essential to the marketing campaign of universities. Mobile apps for universities provides students with detailed calendar of events, news, remote library access, informational YouTube videos and interactive applications checklists for prospective students and breaking news. This will drive many students to the site.

Using utility and interactive content

This can be achieved through student experience pages such as Pinterest, This can be an essential tool for highlighting university culture and opportunities for students. Using utility sites like Flickr stream that is often filled with photographs for students, alumni and staff in a lot of university experience. Universities should build a sleek website with visually arresting sites and enriching pictures for the social and academic life of the university as well as wine tastings, commencement celebrations, volunteer events and campus tours. By providing relevant content that is informative and entertaining, universities will be in position of getting the right kind of engagement and attracting the right type of audience.