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A Guide to Choosing the Best International Online Marketing Agency

The internet has become a key component of the business and marketing strategies of most companies. Through international online marketing, it is possible to reach customers from all over the world. It also becomes easier to target international audiences that it was in the past. However, international marketing via the internet can be quite tricky. This often spurs companies to hire online marketing agencies. Here is a guide on how to choose the best international online marketing agency.

International online marketing means the involvement of other languages apart from English. Marketers of the chosen agency should therefore be native- speakers of the target language. By native speaker, what is meant is an individual who has learnt the language while being raised and living in that particular country. For example, if online marketing will be done in Germany, the online marketing agency should have marketers who are native German speakers.

When a company is hiring an international internet marketing agency, it is important to find out how the agency will handle localizations. Once it has been established that the agency has online marketers who are native speakers of the targeted languages, the next step is to find out how they will localize content. Keyword research should be done from scratch as opposed to being translated. Marketers who are native speakers should know the colloquialisms and intricacies of their own country that are specific to its culture.

Failure to carry out proper keyword research and resorting to just translating the keyword can result in the loss of a huge potential market. Additionally, this should not involve keywords only, but also messaging and imagery. A marketing message may work for a certain market, but it may not be appropriate for another. The chosen agency should offer advice and guidance on this.

Finding out how project management and communication with the online marketing agency will be carried is important. The hiring company should be in a position to discuss its requirements with no language barriers. In order to arrange conference calls during office hours, the international agency should have an office in the client’s time zone. Also, the project manager should speak fluent English.

Case studies are also crucial factors to consider. Any international online marketing agency with a good reputation should be in possession of case studies from previous campaigns. In case the prospective agency has no recent case studies, it would not be unreasonable to ask for the contacts of some previous clients as references.