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Tips for Marketing Online to an International Audience

Marketing is one of the important function of every firm. If you fail to market your products in the right manner, and fail to reach customers, the business will fail. While marketing the product, there is a very important decision that you have to make, who are the target customers? You can target local or international customers. If you are running an international business, the following are tips to on how to optimize online marketing to an international audience.

Optimize your website.

Your website is the first portal for your online communication with your customers. Your website will talk much about you and what you are offering. Always optimize your website to allow flexibility for your global visitors. When developing a global friendly website, consider.

Colors and symbols.

Use of text.

Loading speed. And;

Currency conversion.

Customize search engine marketing.

International search engine marketing involves choosing the right search engines, understanding keywords and localizing content.

Choose the right search engine- always choose search engines that are used by the potential customers you are targeting. Though you can reach many English speaking customers by advertising on the top 3 search engines (google, yahoo and bing), search engines used will vary from one country to other.

In addition, local markets will be best served by local search engines, these three search engines may not always suffice for niche or local content.

Localize your content. Keywords are not just words, they are shortened thoughts used by browsers to search for certain content, and thus keywords are influenced by people culture which is well navigated by locals. It is not enough to just translate the content on your website into target language. Always work with native speakers who are trained in online marketing to figure out the best keywords that are best associated with what you are offering.

If possible, localize your products and services.

Understand regional laws.

Every region has its unique laws, and not all online marketing strategies are accepted at every corner of globe. For example, social media such as Facebook and twitter are very powerful marketing tools. But they are not accepted in some countries such as North Korea, Iran and china, thus you will have to adapt other strategies.

Begin with cross-cultural competency.

Start with your website being translated into other language. Translating your website into different language has huge advantage to an international audience.

Understanding the cultural barriers between you and competitors is the best way you can improve cross cultural competency. International marketing is complex, you need to adapt online strategies that are acceptable internationally. But you also need to focus on a particular region.