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Top International SEO Practices

Given that you want your site to be as accessible as possible to search engines, taking an international SEO view will be beneficial to you and your business as you will be competing on a global platform. However, the process is not as easy as creating a website, including country subsections, optimizing it and then sitting back and hoping for the best. If an international business is not knowledgeable of particular pitfalls and search engine rules, then they will struggle to get the desired traffic and risk showing the wrong content to the wrong visitors, thereby delivering a frustrating user experience. To help you out however, let us have a look at some of the top international SEO best practices. And while the advice in this article is optimized for Google, you should bear in mind that Google is not the top ranking search engine in all the countries worldwide. For example, it ranks 4th in china. Therefore while the recommendations are best, you will have to consider some local options too.

Technical SEO

It might not be enough to simply choose keywords for each country and language and optimize them through copy. Some technical considerations should be made and should be factored into the SEO plans so that Google is aware that your site targets more than one country. This is important for duplicate content. However, aside from duplicate content, SEO is important because of industry compliance.

Site layout and setup

If you are going o be building your international site from scratch, you have one of the best opportunities to consider some of the ways in which you can structure your site to improve its appearance in the search engines. To do this, there are three things that you could do. First you could separate ccTLDs, sub domains on a gTLD and subfolders on a gTLD. Each has its pros and cons. For a site that is already established, it may prove very expensive to make major changes to the structure of the URL. However, it is helpful to be aware of the pros and cons of your situation.

Link Building

While technical/onsite consideration will for the most part lay the foundation for a successful international SEO, offsite SEO can improve your results even more. For example, if you are trying to get a top rank on Google France, obtaining links from sites in France will have a very positive impact to your ranking as it reassures Google on your suitability for the French. You should factor in this into the digital marketing with emphasis on particular countries rather than getting links from anywhere.

These are the top tips for businesses that are considering international SEO for their site.