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Top International SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the thing that keeps companies online and relevant. What the internet is about today is getting traffic to your site, getting eyes on your pages. When someone uses a search engine, what makes certain pages come to the top? SEO. If your site is buried on the second page or third page, or even further, then when someone searches for the topic of your site, they aren’t likely to find it. To optimize something means to make it the most it can be, so when you use SEO, you’re making your site the most visible to search engines.

The most important thing to realize about SEO is that its not static. What counted as foolproof ways to get sites to the top of search engines five years ago is no longer relevant today. When you’re wanting to improve your International SEO, you’ve got to look toward some innovative techniques.

Here are 3 Top International SEO Strategies that will immediately help you get your site visible to people across the globe who are already interested in what’s on your site.

Language – When a search engine displays results, one thing that it’s paying close attention to is the language of the website. Rewrite your content and offer versions in the language of every country that you’re targeting. And remember to account for the differences in a single language, like American English versus UK English. These two might be the same language, but phrasing and vocabulary are different enough that it pays to offer a version of your site in each.

Local Engagement – You have to engage in local content if you want to increase your SEO. This includes everything from posting local stories and articles, to registering with local search engines. Customize your content for each market, and use local contact information as much as possible. If you really want to make it work, then customize the layout of your site for each country that you’re targeting, in addition to changing the language. Different areas have a different sense of what’s user friendly, so make the most of it. Don’t forget to update your links to country specific targets.

Metadata – Update your metadata for each country that you’re targeting. Specifically the language and country code, and don’t forget to update the geotargeting for each site (though this last one isn’t really metadata, it’s still incredibly important).

Remember that whatever you would normally do to create Search Engine Optimization is exactly what you need to do for International SEO, you just need to come at it from the perspective of the local population. When you are interested in expanding internationally, think of each country that you expand to as a whole new venture, and create your site specifically for each one.